Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Odds and Ends

I fulfilled a request for a set of tags featuring cats.
Orange is the favorite color of the recipient.
By the way, our recent visitor is staying close.
She likes regular meals and attention. 
Naming her is probably next. 

 Amazon bookmark message

a couple of good reads I came across recently   

a bird assemblage using moss, a real birdnest, and print shared by Dawn at  The Feathered Nest

These last three are shots from my studio corner: a vintage coin holder that's now a handy catch-all, a pencil jar, and some letter stamps. I love being in that space surrounded by stuff that puts me in the mood to create. 
 Summer heat has made it to Tennessee for the arrival of June tomorrow. Ready or not, the hot weather is here.


Joy said...

I just love all your work. Your studio sounds wonderful.

Luann Rice is a favorite of mine. Do you like Elizabeth Berg?

Happy Day!

BitsAndPieces said...

Hi Joy,
Thanks so much...always nice to hear from you. Yes, I do like books by Elizabeth Berg. I have a few of hers in hardback and several that are paperback. Do you know if she has released a new book?

Happy June 1st!


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