Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Touches

If there's a knob or hook unadorned, it seems I have to decorate it with a tag, tassel, or something.

tag on a small cabinet knob

tassel on doorknob to television cabinet

tassel on full length bedroom mirror

acorn ornament on hall tree hook

tassels on cupboard doorknobs
Little touches have a lot of decorating punch. Since they accentuate furniture pieces, I tend to keep them in place for a long time. For whatever reason they please me and are tiny endearing additions around the house.


Anonymous said...

Love the acorn best!!

Anonymous said...

HI Sandy
.. I really like your small white cabinet with decorative door...is there a story behind it?
...keep cool! :)

BitsAndPieces said...

No, Summer, there's no story to go with the cabinet...only that I liked it for its low price of five dollars. I keep a few jewelry pieces in it...also inside a tiny silver basket,a wedding keepsake from Les and Pennee's wedding, and two small perfume bottles. Hope you are well. Would love one of your newsy emails. Hugs, Sandy

Jackie said...

Love it! :-)


Pennee said...

SO PRETTY!!!! Can't wait to see it in person!


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