Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And The Winner Is...




Three sealed envelopes

Inside the pumpkin they went.

My husband drew out an envelope this morning looking at me like I was crazy. I had to explain about the selection of a winner on my blog. Puzzled he just shook his head and headed for the exercise equipment he uses each morning.

I had fun planning and having my first giveaway. Special thanks go to Andrea, Summer, and Beth.

When I receive Beth's mailing address, I will happily send this box of "goodies" on its way. I look forward to more blogging and to the friends who stop by. My blog is always open.


Andrea said...

Congratulations to Beth!
That was fun Sandy, thanks for having it!

texcinlulu said...

Sorry I missed your give away.
Congrats on your blog.
Since my laptop died I have to share computers with my daughter.

beth said...

Oh my gosh, I WON. truly I never win anything. What a blessing. Thank you Sandy for hosting the give away. What a surprise!
I want to say that I read your blog because you are authentic, and real. You have a positive message, and you are just plain sweet. God bless.



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