Monday, July 20, 2009

Stories Behind a Few Charms

Wow! To be sixteen again and know what I know now. Things might have worked out a little differently. Looking at my charm bracelet brought back quite a few memories. Two special friends shared those times with me. We are still close.

On a boating trip my dad taught my friend Mary how to water ski. She bought the charm that had two skis and divided the skis. Her bracelet has one ski, and mine has the other to commemorate that day of fun.

When my family moved after my high school graduation my friend Mary wanted me to have a charm that would signify her so I could carry her memory with me wherever I went. I love "Mary " in the little red dress.We are still buddies after all these years.

The Lord's Prayer charm was given to me by Margaret who still calls me "sis" even though she has two sisters. Marg was my comical pal who had a serious side, too. She is having some health problems right now and needs prayers.

I dearly loved my pink Princess phone...many hours were spent talking to my girlfriends...about boys, exams, ballgames, and the future. I won't bore you with all my charm stories, but thought you wouldn't mind a few.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy...I didn't know that was YOUR charm cool! :) have a lot of charms/memories

...prayers for your friend Marg

..enjoyed your stories cute princess phone!
...have a charming day ;)
(sorry couldn't resist)

BitsAndPieces said...

Hi Summer,
Thanks for the messages...your words make me smile.


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