Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Almost Here

The candy aisle had so many choices I couldn't decide what to get. . . took me forever to make up my mind. Oh, I hope we have plenty of visitors so these tempting sweets will be gone from our house. Not totally pleased with spooky tree of branches from the yard, but time is running out. I do like new Halloween card that arrived. I promptly added it to the bookcase. Some people do the nicest things!

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A said...

Oh, I am the same exact way when it comes to picking out the annual Halloween candy! We don't get many trick or treaters, so my dilema is always, do I get something we don't like and hope to give it all away, or pick out something we do like a lot and hope we have just a few left over, LOL! We can't NOT get any though, just in case ;-)

I love your twig tree, very inspiring! May have to do that myself next year...or maybe for my Christmas stitched ornaments!

wink wink on the card thing, glad you like it!



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