Friday, December 5, 2008

My Addiction

real birdnest and feather

artist Flavia

a sweet mitten ornament
Font size
this new one . . . a birthday surprise

Today I did it again . . . Saturday browsing turned up two wonderful ornaments . . . a Tracy Porter holiday house ornament and a 1997 Thomas Kinkade lighted one . . . both at bargain prices.

artist Schifferl

New, old, simple, elegant, whimsical, serious, handmade, musical, windup, lighted, glittery . . . I have this thing for ornaments. I'm always searching before, during, and after the Christmas holidays. Truthfully I look throughout the year at antique malls and shops. Some of my very favorites have been gifts from friends and family. I wish I could show them all to you and tell you the stories that go with them. But I feel sure you have your own collection of ornament memories. I'd love to hear about your favorite ornament or ornaments.

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